Sterling Wiedemann

Sterling Wiedemann died the morning of Wednesday, July 27 from an accidental drug overdose. That very morning he was scheduled to leave on a flight to join his Father and me in Colorado. The detective found his packed bag in the small living room of the place he was living. His final words to me on that Tuesday night were, “Mama, I love you so much and I echoed it back to him – “Baby, I love you so much too.” Unfortunately, our love, those plane reservations and the promise of cool weather and a place he loved beyond all others, were not enough to keep him from the drugs that took his life. Sterling didn’t want to die, Sterling didn’t want to be an addict. He denied it to his end. But he was unwilling to get the help he needed to survive. That help exists and is available to anyone who is willing to take it. AA and the 12th Step Ministry could have saved my son, if only.