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may, 2018



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26may8:30 am10:00 amAA Big Book - Men Only - Alcoholics Anonymous

26may9:00 am10:00 amDA Prosperity - Debtors AnonymousA twelve-step program for debtors trying to recover from money problems and compulsive debt. Their primary purpose is to stop debting one day at a time and to help other compulsive debtors to stop incurring unsecured debt.

26may10:00 am11:00 amCOSA Womens Group - Partner of a Sex Addict

26may10:00 am11:00 amCompulsive Eaters Anonymous Intergroup (4th Saturday)

26may10:15 am11:15 amDA Vision Group (all except 2nd Sat)- Debtors Anonymous

26may10:30 am12:00 pmSA - Closed to viewers

26may10:30 am12:00 pmSAA Step Study - Closed to viewers

26may11:00 am12:00 pmCompulsive Eaters Anonymous

26may11:30 am1:00 pmSLAA Women's Step Study

26may12:00 pm1:00 pmNarcotics Anonymous“NA is a nonprofit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem. We ... meet regularly to help each other stay clean. ... We are not interested in what or how much you used ... but only in what you want to do about your problem and how we can help.”

26may12:30 pm1:30 pmSLAA Group - Closed to viewersSex and Love Addicts Anonymous, or S.L.A.A., is a program for anyone who suffers from an addictive compulsion to engage in or avoid sex, love, or emotional attachment. We use the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous to recover from these compulsions. The following behaviors have been experienced by members.

26may1:00 pm2:00 pmEating Disorders Anonymous

26may2:30 pm3:30 pmWorkaholics AnonymousWorkaholics Anonymous is a fellowship of individuals who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problems and help others to recover from workaholism.

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New Meetings

  • Nicotine Anonymous – Sundays at 7:00pm in Room 3
  • Recovery Yoga – Tuesdays at 7:15pm in Room 1
  • New SLAA Men’s Step Study 7:15 -9:00 in Room 3
  • New Men’s AA – Wednesdays at 6:00pm in Room 2

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