february, 2022

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21feb6:30 pm7:30 pmInternet and Technology Addicts Anonymous (Adult Only)Internet and Technology Addicts Anonymous


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Many members struggle with television, video games, news, and other behaviors. If you find yourself repeatedly in painful or self-destructive patterns involving the usage of media, screens, or other devices, then ITAA may be able to help you find freedom and relief from what you are experiencing. Newcomers are encouraged to attend 6 meetings within a short period of time to determine whether this program is right for them. Our meetings are based on non-judgmental, compassionate listening, and meetings have opportunities for newcomers to ask questions.

Letting go of problematic behaviors

  • Getting rid of problematic social media accounts
    Many members have found it helpful to delete social media accounts. If we feel fear, we discuss with other members and trust that the right answer will become clear.
  • Deleting problematic apps from your computer or smartphone
    If a particular app is problematic for you, it is recommended to delete it from your devices.
  • Finding offline alternatives
    Many things we do with technology can be accomplished with offline tools. For example, you can buy a physical map of your city instead of using a map application, use a watch instead of checking your phone, read physical books instead of e-books, go to the store instead of buying online, or write in a physical journal or planner instead of writing on your computer.
  • Delete your stored data
    Some members engage in ‘digital hoarding’, collecting unnecessary bookmarks, emails, notes, files, or other data. It can be helpful to let go of this clutter by simply deleting it.
  • Switching your smartphone for a feature phone
    You can switch out your smartphone for a “feature phone”, a non touch-screen phone with only call and messaging features.
  • Letting go of home internet
    Some members remove their home internet, either asking their roommates or family to change the password, or disabling service and letting go of their router.

In letting go of problematic behaviors, we may struggle to come to terms with the loss we fear may be involved. Wondrously, many of us have found these actions to bring great relief and ease to our lives, and the expected loss of utility is often forgotten as we find other ways to satisfy our needs without relying on the internet and technology.


(Monday) 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm CST


Room 5

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