9th Annual Family Dinner Fundraiser

Pastor John Featherston – Key Note Speaker

In October, 1987, I was standing on the sidewalk in a tough neighborhood near downtown Dallas. I was in my early 30s, a husband, a daddy, the pastor for one the largest churches of my denomination in the world…and a drug addict drowning in my addiction. How does something like that happen to somebody like me? That’s a really long story that I’d be happy to share with you sometime. I had just come to a point that I knew my life was spinning deeply out of control and all my efforts and all my promises weren’t fixing it.

It’s an old question…but it hit me again that Fall…”who ministers to the ministers”? Most folks would call their pastor. I was the pastor. Who was I supposed to call? Several weeks earlier, I’d been having dinner with a friend. As we finished, I invited him to go with me wherever it was I was going next. He said, “no, thanks, I’ll take a rain check…I’m on my way to a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous”. I knew nothing about those people-but I knew they were helping my buddy with HIS problem. When I finally hit the bottom of my pit-with nowhere to turn-all I could remember were those two words: Narcotics Anonymous.



Dylan Hollingsworth – Long Time Friend of the Center for Spiritual Development will give his empowering story.

Dylan Hollingsworth is committed husband and father of 2, a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker who shines light on social and cultural issues that shape how human beings view one another and themselves and is also a recovered addict with 12 years of continuous sobriety. He attends 4th Dimension, a Cocaine Anonymous group located at the CSD, continues to carry a message of hope and reconciliation to addicts and alcoholics and also continues to guide men through the 12 steps.

I have been a friend of CSD since 2005. I have always felt like there is a really unique spirit that resides in these walls and within them I’ve seen so many human beings that were lost and in the darkest seasons of their lives find the healing, community and relationship with the divine that they had been missing. I am in fact one of those people, an addict who has been sober and heavily involved in the recovery community 11 years now. I’ve branched out into other practices of faith and deeper studies of God and his will for me, but my foundation continues to be within 12 Step Recovery. I’m pretty sure this is something I will be doing for the rest of my life and the experiences I had leading into the rooms and in the years since uniquely qualifies me to do the important work of getting folks connected to God, recovering and discovering their purpose.


Elizabeth Davis – Long time friend of the Center for Spiritual Development will give her story of how a woman comes thru Love Addiction and how she is empowering other women to do the same.

“Three weeks after our first date we were engaged. I knew there was going to be a crash from that three week high and there was. I could not keep up with the magical qualities he had assigned me. I failed to deliver on who he thought I was, and the abuse from him to keep me as the fantasy image he had created for himself escalated. When he told me he only “endured” me, I was like, why would I want to be with someone who only “endures” me? Yet, I could not leave. I HAD to have this person”

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